Solar Water Heating

As well as the supply and installation of the more traditional heating methods, Gas Mark 1 work with renewable energies and are installers of Solar panels and Solar hot water heating. Solar water heating systems are a renewable technology range which can deliver up to 60% of your annual hot water requirements.

Worcester Gas Solar Diagram

How does it work?

Solar water heating systems use free heat from the sun to warm domestic hot water through the installation of solar panels.

The panels heat up water which is then pumped through a coil into a cylinder

This then transfers heat to the water stored in the cylinder for use in the central heating system

What are the benefits?

Reduced energy bills – less money will be spent on your energy bills as solar systems can provide up to 60% of your annual hot water.

Lowers carbon footprint – Solar hot water is a green, renewable, energy source lowering your dependence on fossil fuels for hot water

Up to 10 year warranty on panels and 2 year on solar system components

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Solar House

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